Image: Trevor Shimizu



This image is from Trevor Shimizu’s current show with Rowhouse Project in Baltimore.


Image: Tyson Reeder

Sunset Van, 2014, Oil on canvas, 42 x 50 in

This image is fromTyson Reeder’s recent show at Canada gallery in New York.

Website: is a website that produces video content related to contemporary art. Most often, this comes in the form of artist interviews as well as exhibition walkthroughs. Currently, they are re-editing and re-releasing some older highlights from their collection, including a gallery walkthrough video from MoMA’s excellent Martin Kippenberger retrospective. 

Video: Tuan Andrew Nguyen on returning to Vietnam and cofounding an art space

Image: Arts Activist group Pussy Galore updates the Guerilla Girls gallery report card project for 2015


This show looks pretty cool: Ben Schumacher “New York City Farm Tower” at Bortolami Gallery, New York

Bortolami is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition with Ben Schumacher. Schumacher transforms the gallery into a staging ground for a submission to the New York City Farm Tower architectural competition, the outcome of which could potentially be realized on 19th street and 10th Avenue, one block away from Bortolami.

Read more about it and see pictures over at Mousse:

CAA Publishes Free Copyright Guide For Arrists

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts

The College Art Association has issued a guide for people working in the visual arts to help navigate the complicated areas of sampling, borrowing, and appropriation. Here is a synopsis from the guide’s introduction:

The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts is based on a consensus of professionals in the visual arts who use copyrighted images, texts, and other materials in their creative and scholarly work and who, through discussion groups, identified best practices for using such materials. They included art and architectural historians, artists, designers, curators, museum directors, educators, rights and reproduction officers, and editors at scholarly publishers and journals.

It looks like this could be a great teaching tool and give students and teachers a starting point for investigating this constantly shifting legal landscape.