Video: Xavier le Roy at MoMA

This video is of a recent performance of “Product of Circumstance” by Xavier le Roy.


The Reading List: October 17, 2014 – The “Bringing it Back” Edition

The Reading List is our regular look at art-related essays and articles that have recently appeared on the web. After a hiatus of a couple months we are bringing it back and it will once again be a weekly feature of the Art Resources Project appearing each Friday.

The Art of Slowing Down in a Museum: I first noticed this New York Times piece when the MCA Chicago posted that it was an article a lot of their staff members had been reading.  It makes an argument for slowing your pace in a museum and avoiding the urge to speedwalk through a museum’s greatest hits.

Artists Report Back: This link takes you to a PDF detailing a study done by BFAMFAPhD. They took on the hard task of finding out where arts graduates land after completing their degree. This is a must for anyone who is interested in the survey projects previously done by groups like W.A.G.E.

Hanging a Tapestry in the Met Is a Lot More Complicated Than You Think:  Slate posted this awesome time lapse video of workers at the Met in New York hanging a large Tapestry in one of their galleries. It is amazing to watch so check it out!


Video: Collecting Cubism lecture at the Met

New resource in our database: Be Smart About Art @besmartaboutart


Be Smart About Art is a UK-based resource that has tons of information, tips, and advice for anyone interested in a career in the arts or for arts professionals who are looking to expand access to opportunities. The information comes in the form of PDF documents, webinars, videos, blog posts, and an email newsletter.

Video: TateShots: Richard Tuttle – I Don’t Know

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New Resource: Paper Clips 215


The goal of PaperClips215, or simply PaperClips, is to be a comprehensive resource for engagement within Philadelphia’s creative community. PaperClips has a focus on raising awareness of the creative events through our calendar and live coverage, using primarily Twitter and Instagram to connect with its users. “We want you to feel like you’re at the event with us,” says Sonia Petruse, Director of Social Media and Public Relations.

PaperClips is run by a team of entrepreneurs, artists, and creative professionals that love the flourishing arts scene of Philadelphia, but noticed there was not an effortless way to learn of events around the city. There are many individual places to check for events, but the creators of PaperClips had a need for a more straightforward means of acquiring this information. The collaboration has yielded a unique website and social media satellites that aims to cover these events before, during, and after.